The movie industry has used storyboarding for decades. Now many industries storyboard to quickly generate ideas, identify the salient issues and better highlight areas lacking sufficient information in the planning and design process.  
Kendeo LLC will lead a problem-solving session on Tuesday morning using the storyboarding methodology.
Throughout the conference Kendeo will create storyboards for several sessions.
  • Let KM Drive Client Value the Don Draper Way
  • Don't Just Implement. Adopt!
  • The Threat Landscape for Legal
  • Legal Technology Innovation: Bolstering AND Destroying the Legal Profession
  • Engineering Successful Workplace Collaboration Between Extroverts and Introverts
  • Top Trainer: Secrets To Quick-Fire Training
  • Disruption Is Now: It's Not Just For Big Law
  • Aligning Information Security, Litigation Support and E-Discovery

Watch for Kendeo’s “Idea Wall” develop on the Promenade level of the conference center posing future-focused questions and challenges.