Join Mary Abraham, Dan Bressler, Todd Corham and Candi Smith as they conduct captivating interviews of speakers, ILTA members and vendors to share innovative projects, provocative ideas and issues of importance to the ILTA membership.

Conducting the Interviews...

Mary Abraham
Above and Beyond KM

Dan Bressler

Todd Corham
Saul Ewing LLP

Candi Smith
White & Case LLP

ILTACON TV 2017 Videos

These captivating interviews discuss innovative projects and strategies, important issues the ILTA membership will face in the next year, and provocative thoughts from some of ILTA’s thought leaders. To view other ILTACON videos, click here.

Todd Corham interviews Bradelynn Boyce-Dendy about getting people excited to learn about new technologies, about being a member of ILTA’s inaugural Talent Council, and about why you should apply for ILTA's Distinguished Peer Awards. Watch the video

Mary Abraham interviews Chris Boyd about what "knowledge management" (KM) means to him, about real-world examples of sustainable knowledge management initiatives, and about gauging and measuring whether KM initiatives are adding value. Watch the video

Dan Bressler interviews Monet Fauntleroy about best practice law firm IT departments can implement to drive new internal and client-facing technologies while delivering excellent foundational technologies and great customer service, about what teams can do to focus on innovation, and about making sure users adopt new technologies or processes and stay engaged. Watch the video

Todd Corham interviews Alison Grounds about enabling new associates to be productive, profitable and happy; about how women in legal technology can differentiate themselves and gain momentum in their careers; and about building successful teams and creating a positive culture of growth. Watch the video

Todd Corham interviews Justin Hectus about key traits of successful leaders, what veteran leaders can still learn about leadership, and about involving people in adapting the current legal business model to today's changing marketplace. Watch the video

Mary Abraham interviews Pablos Holman, ILTACON 2017 keynote speaker, about how to think and learn like a hacker and how this can lead to becoming an innovator, and how we need to take responsibility for ourselves and choose to make a difference. Watch the video

Candi Smith interviews Jay Hull (former chief innovation partner at Davis Wright Tremaine) about convincing leadership and the firm’s lawyers that investing in innovation is worth it, about how to motivate and elevate your team, and about design thinking and how it can be integrated into a project. Watch the video

Candi Smith interviews Tom Jones about what business intelligence (BI) is and how legal organizations should be using it, trends that have driven innovation in BI, what the future holds for BI in the legal community. Watch the video

Candi Smith interviews Kelli Kohout about enabling the right conditions for change, about retaining talent in today’s competitive business environment, and about how to identify the next opportunity for innovation while ensuring it fits within the firm’s strategic plan. Watch the video

Mary Abraham interviews Brian Kuhn and Shawnna Hoffman, ILTACON 2017 keynote speakers, about what "artificial intelligence" (AI) means, about AI work Watson has done with corporate legal departments and how AI might be further applied in legal, about utilizing your current assets, about Watson improving access to justice, and about the need for an ethical framework for the use of AI in legal. Watch the video

Candi Smith interviews Gwyn McAlpine about logistical challenges potential innovators need to consider, about Perkins Coie's new P4 tool (nominated for ILTA's Innovative Project of the Year), and about advancing knowledge management in a security-conscious world. Watch the video

Todd Corham interviews Dera Nevin about project management processes and workflows that can yield successful outcomes in litigation support and about enhancing your firm's information governance programWatch the video

Todd Corham interviews Stephen Poor about Seyfarth's implementation of robotic process automation (a form of artificial intelligence), about maintaining momentum to continually innovate, and about building your personal brand. Watch the video

Dan Bressler interviews Will Pulsifer about building an effective defense with a limited budget, about remaining compliant with regulations and client demands while providing lawyers with the best tools, and about what ILTA’s Technical Operations Content Coordinating Team is focusing on. Watch the video

Dan Bressler interviews Scott Rechtschaffen about small projects that have a big impact and about how to get a law firm to invest in new technologies. Watch the video

Todd Corham interviews Scott Reid about the steps someone can take to begin a successful document assembly initiative in their firm, about the traits of innovative people, and about commonalities seen in innovative organizations. Watch the video

Dan Bressler interviews Rachelle Rennagel about litigation support professionals transitioning into careers in cybersecurity and information governance, about the importance of reinventing yourself, and about trends in client requests related to electronic discovery, information governance and data privacy. Watch the video

Mary Abraham interviews Mike Russell about lessons learned from a recent legal operations initiative, about presenting innovation and changes to the delivery model as opportunities rather than threats, and about what can still be done to improve the law firm-client relationship. Watch the video

Todd Corham interviews Ginevra Saylor about how knowledge management (KM) has evolved over the past several years; about what strategies work best for engaging lawyers in KM, technology and innovation; and about what's on the horizon for KM in the legal industry. Watch the video

Mary Abraham interviews Luke Schnoebelen (winner of ILTA's 2017 Young Professional of the Year award) about advice for young professionals who want to advance their careers, about implementing a successful micro-learning video series, and about new meeting applications that are changing the way we work. Watch the video